The simple guide to starting your elementary class with google docs (in less than 10 minutes)

To kick off my new blog, I will be writing a series of posts on how to start implementing google docs in an elementary classroom.  I teach third grade, but these ideas could easily be used for older or even younger grades.

The thought of one google account for every student in your class is overwhelming at first.  If you have 20 students, that’s 20 usernames, 20 passwords, and 20 kids who may not understand the nuances of creating and sharing documents with other people.  The key is  simplicity: in the beginning, use one google account for your entire class.  Here’s how you can get started in 10 minutes:

Step 1 – Create a google account for your class.  I used a dormant account from when I was teaching 2nd grade, so we are “seisen2b.”

Step 2 – Show your students how to log in with your class username and password at

Step 3 – Teach your students how to create a new document.  (for those of you new to google docs, simply click the red “create” button and select “document”)

Step 4 – Have students use their own name in each of their document titles.  This will allow teachers and students to easily identify documents.

That’s it!  Your students can now work on their writing at home, in the computer lab, with laptops…anywhere they have internet access.  You’ve also made the editing and revising process much easier and reduced the amount of paper used.

In my next post, you will learn how to use google docs to get students collaborating on projects.